About Liz

Hi there, my name is Elizabeth and I am a 26 year old woman currently living in Bali, Indonesia. 4 years ago I started an online sports clothing brand which became very successful. It is a fully outsourced online business, where I outsource everything from customer service to fulfillment. Since starting my business, we have done over 1 million dollars in sales and am now comfortable pulling in 6 figures a year through my online business. This business has been a lifesaver. It has allowed me to remain comfortable and live the lifestyle that I want…that humans were meant to.

I work about 5 hours a week, and my six figure income goes a long way here in Bali. I share a villa with a roommate and a pool in the back. Food and beverages are ridiculously cheap and I can go surfing in the middle of the day and play golf in the afternoon when it cools down. If you are after some cheap beginner golf clubs then look here.  The best part is, I am saving money for an early retirement (though why would I need to retire with this schedule). The message I want to communicate to other people, particularly women, is that you can do it too. All it takes is some time, discipline, and dedication. You can achieve what I have achieved, there is plenty of room for more lifestyle entrepreneurs.

What’s a Digital Nomad?

Me. A digital nomad is someone who makes money online and has the freedom to go and do what they want. Being a digital nomad has allowed me to travel the world, although I have been in Bali for over a year now. It allows me to go wherever I want when I please and I am not tied down. Not many 26 year old girls can say that they have that opportunity. Most 26 year old girls are working their asses off starting a new career. Not me.

What Drove Me to This Lifestyle?

I got interested in online advertising when I was only 17 years old. As adulthood was getting closer, I became more and more depressed by the life that I saw my parents and other adults living. I saw people work 40 hours a week and spend 5 hours per week commuting, plus an additional 5 hours per week getting ready. That is over 1/3 of your life being consumed, and for what? So that they can pay for a house that they never get to enjoy. So that they can pay for a nice car that’s primary purpose is to take them to work. They work their asses off so that they can afford a vacation maybe once or twice a year if they are lucky. I decided at a very young age that I was never going to be apart of that lifestyle. You should work to live, not live to work.

This is what drew me into entrepreneurship and marketing. I learned and read about other people who were making a living online without having to ever get a job or set foot in the office. Where you could set your own hours, your own rules.

The Business

When I was 22 in my final year of college, I finally decided to do something. I had been researching for several years, but had some money saved up and decided to start an online sports brand. The goal was simple, find someone who could white label and fulfill the orders. I could then drop ship the products at a healthy profit so that I would never touch the merchandise. I started on Google Adwords with a budget of $250 per month, which could actually do something back then. I set up an amazing website and made everything look high end. Afterall, I would have to in order to sell it at 50% profit margin. When I launched the ad campaign, I crossed my fingers and…

It was a flop. $250 spent and not a single sale. My ads simply were not converting. After researching for another two weeks I had found the answer so I tried again. To my surprise, I was able to get 5 sales the next month, totaling of about $500 in revenue, just enough to break even. Fortunately that was enough to keep going, so I continued to fine tune my ads and optimize my site for conversion. I started building a mailing list with MailChimp.

My second year I did $90,000 in sales. By my third year I was doing over $300,000. I was able to outsource the customer service to virtual assistants and now I can pretty much sit back and let the money roll in.


I never would have imagined I would have such an amazing life. I am 26 years old, single, and living in paradise. I have been extremely lucky, but I know that anyone can replicate my success. This blog is my way of giving back and teaching other people that they, too, can achieve this life.

Hope you enjoy,