What Do You Need to Start a Blog?

What Do You Need to Start a Blog

Are you looking for a guide that will help you figure out how to start a blog and be successful within a year?

This article presents updated and trending information on how a beginner in the blogging industry can cope up. The focus is mainly on the related blogging tips and strategies.

  1. Focus on visual content including photos, videos, and graphics if you want to get shares.

Knowing where to get the right images for your blog is an important skill to have. And even better if you know how to create your own.

Visual content, in general, has been growing for many years and it seems to be moving faster than slowing down. Today, gadgets like smartphones are getting bigger and tablets have a retina display. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are also in favor of images and videos than text. If your blog or website is not yet working with visual content, now is the right time to start.

Just like the search engine of Google, Youtube works the same, thus its potential should not be ignored. To generate more views and more subscribers or followers, you also need to have video content to supplement your posts or blogs.

Personally I love cats and have been working as a I writer, recently I wrote about my experience with my cat. Not only did the site owner loved it but they asked me to stay on and write another post about cats.

  1. Writing long useful content works best.

For many years, long content proves to be more effective than the abstract or short version ones. You should at least post above 1,000 words per article that contains information that helps and solve the readers’ problem or inquiries. There’s a high probability that your content will be shared with a wider audience if it is of value to other people.

  1. When looking for big opportunities, learn to analyze your competitors.

When starting a blog, there’s also a need to study your competitors or the similar blogs that exist in the cyberspace. Do you think you’ll be able to compete with them in a meaningful way?

To check, you can use the online tool AHREFs. It is a useful tool when it comes to analyzing keywords, links, and blogs, as well as those of your competition or colleagues.

In just a glance, you can see what keywords are being targeted, where the backlinks are coming from, and the number of backlinks they have for every post. These are such an invaluable data that can help you decide whether or not you are capable of competing in particular keywords or niches.

On the other hand, it also serves as your guide on where your competitors are getting its links from, which you can easily replicate if you want. You can also use the information to formulate your own promotional techniques.

  1. For long-term success, it is best to grow your mailing list.

In the past years and until today, email is still the primary means of communication that most people work on. You can gather this detail every time someone subscribes to your blog. A simple yet great contact information that gives you a direct line to their everyday life.

Think of the ways to grow your subscribers and your mailing list if you want to make sure that your website will last for a long time. No need for complicated strategies, just give your audience something that is worth their attention and that is a great way to begin.

  1. Use and maximize the potential of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

If you want to gain more traffic, one way to do this is to stay on top of the constantly changing SEO updates.

In relation, the niche must first be identified. Once done, verify if your target market is dominated by fresh results. If yes, you need to do the same by creating quality content that matters. Therefore, it is important to create great articles and let your audience link and share them without any means of manipulation.